Writing as Ritual

As we swing into the new year we have fresh energy and new beginnings on our mind, and so I thought I’d share one of my own intentions for the year ahead. 

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been following the journey of Self Practice - a website (and excellent instagram account) created and curated by Melbourne based Lauren Trend. The site explores modern wellness through writing, interviews, questions and imagery. Following Self Practice has encouraged and re-ignited our own interest in writing as a daily practice. For the next 12 months I am going to endeavour to write habitually, without a purpose or outcome in mind. To view the ritual of writing as a personal tool to let myself process and reflect, to learn and to grow. At times, hopefully often, when it is relevant we will share some of this with you up here on the journal. 
We’d love to hear what practice, thoughts or ideas you are bringing with you into the New Year? 
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