"In the past, everyday objects were treated with care, with something verging on respect. While this attitude may in part have been a result of the scarcity of goods in past times, I believe it principally resulted from the honest quality of their workmanship and the fact that the more an object was used, the more it's beauty became apparent."

The Vaughan Baker - everyday goods store began in 2016 as a humble online offering of a few carefully selected objects designed for everyday living. These objects were chosen for their beauty, functionality and dedication to craftsmanship. The look of Vaughan Baker, and the collection of objects has grown and morphed over the years, as all living things do, however the ideas behind the store remain consistent. 

Our hope it to find, love and share objects and pieces for the home which elevate small moments of our everyday lives. Beauty doesn’t have to be grande, in fact we believe quite the opposite, beauty is everywhere and it is often best captured in the most simple of moments. 

As a business, and as people, we believe in cultivating objects and a life with meaning. In supporting craftspeople all over the world. In investing in quality and clever design, and reducing our impact on the earth by combating the prevalent ‘throw away’ culture with pieces and ideas that are designed to last. We believe that good design, and conscious consumption should be available to everyone. 

For this reason you’ll find the products we stock champion small production, sustainable practices and clever design processes. Where possible we minimise our own footprint in small ways by using environmentally friendly suppliers, recycling all packaging materials we receive and using sustainable options for our own products. 

We hope that you love the collection of goods we have curated on Vaughan Baker. If you have any questions about any of them, or for us, please get in contact. 


Vaughan Baker

The name of our store was taken from my grandfather. Whilst we never lived close by, and I only knew him as a young girl the memory of this man will live long. He was born in a time when possessions were fewer, when tasks took longer and life moved a little bit slower. The collection of objects I remember in my grandparents home always seemed so special, so looked after and always had a story. Pieces were passed down through generations, collected on family holidays by the seaside and genuinely cherished. In particular I remember a glass paperweight that sat in the window and reflected the morning sun, a comb so often used and so perfect in its simple form and a collection of sea urchins, so fragile and complete. 

I aim to fill my home and my life with objects that hold just as much memory and feeling as those from my grandparents home, and I hope to encourage others to do the same.