With various demands on my time for the last year I've struggled with the purpose of Vaughan Baker. As the business has changed, so too has it's purpose, but perhaps I have not given this the attention it deserves. Knowing that it is changing, but not exploring those changes and questions I have found it has made me stuck and stifled with what to create.
For a time Vaughan Baker was a wholehearted act of enjoyment that flexed my creativity and connected me with like minded people and businesses. I want to spend the time with the changes to Vaughan Baker so that I can get back to this point, and most importantly, start expressing my creativity again.
Vaughan Baker was created as a way of sharing unique objects and the story of how, and who, made them. It exists to celebrate handicrafts and encourage the support of good design. To discover the joy that can be found in surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects that are made to be loved and to last. How intentional objects around the home can encourage mindful practices, and happiness with less. Let's get back to this.