Kontex Towels


It was almost one year ago that I made the spontaneous decision to get on a plane and spend 5 nights in Japan looking for products, meeting with suppliers and observing the Japanese way of life. I deliberated on whether or not to go, and it was due to the unwavering support and encouragement of those closest to me that I figured why not! The trip was life changing. As a young woman with a new business and a penchant for adventure it was empowering and inspiring to have the time to walk, ponder and explore Tokyo by myself.  As with all my interactions with the Japanese culture the people were kind and giving. The products I sought out, and the experiences I had, restored my belief in a mindful way of living and seeing.

It was during this trip that I learnt more about Imbari, the epicentre of towel production in Japan. Imbari is located within Eihme prefecture and boasts an extremely high standard and history for manufacturing across the region. The towels that most caught my eye, and fingertips, were made by a company called Kontex. Established in 1934, Kontex continues to use traditional looms and weaving techniques which involve a more time consuming process than modern machines do, but ultimately create a far superior product in regards to the absorbency, softness and drying behaviour of each towel or throw. The water used throughout the manufacturing process comes directly from Mt Ischizuchi and contains a very low mineral content, again allowing for an unbeatable texture and softness.


The blend of wool and cotton that they use in many of their products make them perfect for the Australian climate. The extra large gauze blanket is compiled of 60% cotton and 40% wool and is the perfect blanket for an afternoon nap on a daybed, or to wrap around you as the summer nights cool.

The woolen throws on the other hand are slightly more petite, and best suited for snuggling up indoors through the cooler months. With a blend of 60% wool and 40% cotton this luxuriously soft throw will bring a great deal of warmth and comfort to your daily life.


After seeing (and using) these products for over a year now, I am so thrilled to finally be selling them on Vaughan Baker. Perhaps its my impending 'motherhood' and instinctive nesting that makes me so excited to add these products to our collection, or perhaps its the change in season and the slower pace it brings as life retreats indoors for the cooler months. Whatever it is, we hope you similarly enjoy our newest products and can find a way to add a Kontex towel or throw to your home and find the time to impart some needed softness and slowness to a daily ritual.